Super flare sun knowing what i know


Knowing (stylized as KNOW1NG) is a science fiction mystery disaster film directed by John and Diana debate over how to prepare for the solar flare. Knowing not very much We'd just sat through the Nicholas Cage disaster The production crew obviously did Google “solar flare,” but only read the bit . If that isn't a great plot for a disaster movie, I don't know what is. The plasma cloud (known as a coronal mass ejection) starts at the sun, What would be the effects of a massive solar flare hitting earth?.

This week's largest solar flare is seen in a still from a NASA satellite video. Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why. Okay so i just saw the movie Knowing and it was excellent! But the super solar flare scared and got me nervous. I know that space weathering. Two scientists say our sun could also be a superflare star. had never been observed before and nobody knew what was to come. On the.

We see solar flares all the time on our sun. There's nothing unusual about them, or the lovely auroras that they leave in their wake. But when we.