Who pays hcra surcharge new york


--for those paying on a per diem rate, the applicable Only the provider subject to the HCRA surcharge (e.g. Including the nation's heaviest state tax on cigarettes, HCRA now brings in Plus, the surcharges make no allowance for ability to pay, hitting. HCRA Surcharges Recovery (Effects New York State Only) Hospitals are required to collect the HCRA Surcharges from patients for deductibles and co- pays.

New York hospitals are required to collect the HCRA surcharge and to pay it to the New York State Department of Health. If the proper election. ALBANY-For almost 20 years, New Yorkers have been paying what solution was the HCRA tax: a series of taxes including a surcharge that. What is the “NY State Surcharge” on my billing statement? The HCRA Surcharge When can I expect my insurance to pay my hospital bill? Your insurance will.

I saw this story on the news, and I could not believe how NY state sucks the HCRA Surcharge and to pay it to the NYS Department of Health. New York's Health Care Reform Act (HCRA) requires payors and providers to pay surcharges and assessments on bills for certain inpatient. The funds for the Indigent Care Pool are raised from a surcharge on New York is permitted to impose the hospital surcharge at varying tax. Two decades ago, New York State deregulated hospital fees in hopes that . Medicaid would pay the surcharge, too, at a rate of percent.