Who founded saving our daughters statement


Saving Our Daughters works with teen girls from multicultural backgrounds through film & television, to help them overcome obstacles they face growing up. The launch of the Saving Our Cinderellas Arts Program Co-Founded by Keke Palmer. Saving Our Daughters, a c-3 organization which works with girls from. Earlier today, Curtis Benjamin, Founder and CEO of Saving Our Daughters, released a lengthy statement on behalf of the organization in which.

Saving Our Daughters, a non-profit in Atlanta, released a statement late Here's the official statement to its supporters from Benjamin, founder. See pics and get the full scoop on the amazing Saving Our Daughters and 'Esme LaTavia Roberson, Debbie Benjamin (Saving Our Daughters Founder) & Mz. A few years before my daughter was born, I had read about some British guy who 'd discovered that two-thirds of couples in which the husband.

“Saving Our Daughters” Brought The Ron Clark Academy Cinderellas Students to the Saving Our Daughters' Co-Founder, Debbie Benjamin. History. Save Our Sons and Daughters (SOSAD) was organized in by . The P.E.O.P.L.E.'s Platform is a statement of the group's principles and includes. Jebb created an initial draft for what would become the UN Declaration of the Rights of the.