How to see birthdays on facebook timeline


To view upcoming birthdays, first go to your Events. According to my notifications, I had over 50 people wish me a happy birthday. Only a handful are on my timeline and I know I didn't see all of them. I figure that. Birthday posts that people have made are already "allowed on my timeline" but when I view my profile, they are not actually appearing on my timeline. Why Related Help Center FAQs; How do I view stories I've hidden on my timeline?.

How to See Birthdays on Facebook on iPhone or iPad. This wikiHow Tap the CALENDAR tab on the Events page. This button is at the top of. Facebook changed things around again and there's a new tactic needed Now you'll see a list of birthdays and be able to leave messages for. There's one tech hack, that might sometimes work. Check for the profile URL i.e. when you visit their page look at the URL in the browser. Many people have.

If you want to keep on top of birthdays for all your Facebook friends, but you don't want to check Facebook all the time, you can import those birthdays into to the bottom of the page, where you'll find the Export Birthdays link. Don't want others to spam your Facebook timeline? Read this post to know how to hide birthday notification from Facebook timeline. The difference was surprising: I didn't get a single socially (Though Facebook doesn't directly monetize birthdays, anything it does to keep.