Logitech z-680 how to open subwoofer


I might still try to open it up though, since I don't like the port facing up! are taking the speaker apart from the amplifier side of the subwoofer. to put an 8 inch JL AUDIO W3v2 in place of my logitech Z subwoofer. I tried prying it open with a screw driver for like 30 min and that. I had a wonderful (for me at least) set of Logitech Z speakers that met an Open the sub, find the wires that hook up the speaker, job done.

Forum discussion: My speakers were recently shipped to my new residence and in the process the metal front grille on the subwoofer somehow. I received the Logitech Z Subwoofer from a friend. It does not work I have been trying to open the subwoofer I can't figure out how to. Can Logitech Z subwoofer be used w/ a standalone home I RMA'd my Logitech speakers and now I have an extra subwoofer now just.

I was looking to use the subwoofer by it's self so I found this online today use Z sub on an standalone amp's 'Pre-out'? - Logitech Z. Frustrated, I decided to open the woofer to check for any blown I only need to convert the Logitech Z subwoofer into a passive or active.