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This is the text of Paul Howes' Address to the National Press Club. Howes is the National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union. Paul Howes' speech to the National Press Club 5th February Watch the video here. Today I want to express my vision for industrial. Paul Howes. National Secretary of The Australian Workers' Union. 'The industrial Paul left school at age 14 and became active in his workplace as a union delegate. At the age of 17, . Philip Lowe – NPC Sydney Address. 06/02/

Paul Howes, AWU National SecretaryAWU National Secretary - his address to the National Press Club on now Paul Howes' Address to the. The full speech by union leader Paul Howes at the National Press Club. Australian Workers' Union (AWU) national secretary Paul Howes discusses industrial relations at the National Press Club in Canberra.

National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union Paul Howes addresses the Press Club in Canberra, February 05, How to get off the ideological See-Saw. A response to Paul Howes National Press Club Speech, 5th February In a recent Press Club. Addressing the National Press Club, Howes said business, unions and government needed to “work out a deal that we all agree to live with for.