Raj and howard dressed as goth

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The Gothowitz Deviation Poster. Sheldon attempts to covertly alter Penny's habits , while Howard and Raj try their luck meeting women at a Goth-style club. Howard and Raj enter dressed to go to a Goth club including fake arm sleeve tattoos. Sheldon would love to go with him. (Bazinga!) Penny is more than happy to. Howard and Raj try to meet women at a Goth nightclub. Elsewhere, Howard and Raj dress up as Goths to pick up women at Goth clubs.

They are all dressed to go to a Gothic bar, but the others are skeptical and don't In the bar, Howard and Raj are sure that they hardly stand out from the others. In “The Launch Acceleration” (), when Howard expresses his misgivings about going into space, Approached by Howard and Raj dressed as goths. Sheldon: You know, I've always wanted to go to a goth nighclub. Howard (after Raj whispers): Yes, she's pushy and yes, he's whipped, but that's not the.