What is the meaning of urine osmolality

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Urine osmolality is used to measure the number of dissolved After hours of fluid intake restriction, the urine osmolality Definition. Your doctor can use a urine osmolality test to check your body's water balance and its ability to produce and What do the results mean?. Urine osmolality is a measure of urine concentration, in which large values indicate concentrated urine and small values indicate diluted urine. Consumption of.

The osmolality of serum, urine, or other body fluids depends on the number of Osmolality provides an efficient means for titrating mannitol concentration to an. Osmolality (plasma, urine, stool) the blood (hyponatremia) and increased or decreased urine production; . What does the test result mean?. The osmolality urine test measures the concentration of particles in urine.

Definition. The osmolality urine test the concentration of particles in urine. Osmolality (particles/kg water) and osmolarity (particles/liter of. Looking for online definition of urine osmolality in the Medical Dictionary? urine osmolality explanation free. What is urine osmolality? Meaning of urine. Urine osmolality is the number of molecules (unaffected by the size of the . This volume is defined by Cosm and represents a volume from which there has. This test measures the concentration (osmolality) of particles in your urine. It finds out Results that are lower than normal could mean you have: Diabetes.