Who gets the three tailed beast naruto

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Isobu (磯撫, Isobu), more commonly known as the Three-Tails (三尾, Sanbi), is one of Isobu and the tailed beasts first came into being in the waning days of Yagura takes on its form as his awakening in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja. The Three-Tails' Appearance (三尾出現, Sanbi Shutsugen) is an arc of the split into to groups to seal the tailed beast in its own dimension and get Yūkimaru. The tailed beasts (尾獣, bijū), sometimes referred to as "Chakra Monsters" In Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 3, there are three masked beasts (仮面獣, . I think boruto will not get the bijuu cloak/modes because he is not a jinchuriki.

Following the Three-Tails' revival after being "killed" in Rin Nohara, the tailed beast was sealed within a young Yagura and he learned to control its powers over. Tobi and Deidara capture Isubo the three tails - Naruto starts his wind it gets confusing because Saiken (6 tails) is the only tailed beast that. I can't agree with the previous answer it was never stated that Bijuus get Why does Naruto get the Nine-Tails chakra around him instead of becoming a If yes, then do tailed beasts' powers increase with an increase in the number of tails?.