How do you make greek trahana


Trahana, an ancient food, is still prepared in the Greek kitchen, used in countless traditional Greek recipes and made in many Greek regional. Trahanosoupa (Trahana Soup with Feta) - A Greek soup made with an ancient wheat product, feta cheese, and milk. Perfect for a cold, snowy. “Mom, I made “trahana” from scratch” is something I never thought I'd say until yesterday. I could feel my mom's thoughts wafting through the.

This is just about the simplest dish to make with trahana, yet I find it incredibly on Food, Life, and Longevity From the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die. Our parents are awesome, but they do not make their own trahana, opting instead to purchase it from our local Greek grocery store. If you are. Trahanas is a pebble-size pasta that is fried, used in soups and stews the same way as rice or other pasta, and made into soups that are Greek.

A traditional Greek recipe that makes a delicious pie with tarhana, aromatic hebs, You want to create a mixture that is somewhere between heavy cream and.