What is a group 28 insecticide


Guidance for Diamide Country Groups, August 5. Global Diamide Working Group. OBJECTIVE: Development of IRM strategies for Group 28 insecticides. Prepared by: IRAC International MoA Working Group. Approved by: The IRAC classification is intended to cover insecticides and acaricides acting at specific .. Pyflubumide. Ryanodine receptor modulators. Nerve and muscle action. Rotate Insecticides to Control Resistant Insects Effectively. Rotate insecticides with different modes of action. . Group 28 – Ryanodine receptor modulators.

(Group 28, REI 4h). CoStar (Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki): See Dipel for more information. Counter* (terbufos): A systemic organophosphate insecticide. CropLife Australia Insecticide Resistance Management Review Group Mode of . Ryanodine receptor modulators. Nerve and muscle action, Diamides. This major group includes establishments producing basic chemicals, and establishments manufacturing products by predominantly chemical processes.

INSECTICIDES MODE OF ACTION TABLE. IRAC. GROUP. MODE OF ACTION CHEMICAL FAMILY. (GROUP). Acetylcholine esterase. Carbamates inhibitors. Insecticide. Repeated and exclusive use of CORAGEN®. (chlorantraniliprole) or other Group 28 insecticide belonging to the anthanilic diamide class of. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to Coragen and other Group 28 insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect.