What is bill me later in paypal


Bill Me Later is now PayPal Credit. You can easily link your account, access the PayPal Bill Me Later login and manage your account. Tax Center. Find tax forms and other resources. Contact us. Contact Customer Service. Help & Contact · Security. © PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal Credit is simply the new name for Bill Me Later. You'll still enjoy all of the benefits of Bill Me Later, including great savings with special financing offers.

I linked my bill me later account to PayPal Credit when they first notified me of the change. I went into PayPal and there is no PayPal Credit. In one of the linking Bill Me Later threads, it says "If you do not have another existing credit account with PayPal you can link your Bill Me. After the PayPal acquisition of Bill Me Later, Bill Me Later is offered as a payment method through PayPal at sites.

Bill Me Later is now known as Paypal Credit. As the name implies, it is a line of credit offered through Paypal and works the same way as a. PayPal is announcing the evolution of Bill Me Later to PayPal Credit, and the exceptional growth of PayPal Working Capitala global portfolio of credit. Many people, no doubt, have fond memories of suddenly discovering a new credit option called Bill Me Later at the end of booking a plane.