What is tegris material


Baggage manufacturer Tumi is now using Tegris, a polypropylene thermoplastic composite developed by textile and chemical giant Milliken, and is rolling it out in their new Tegra-Lite collection, starting with a carry-on. So what is Tegris, and why is it better than, say, the. A thermoplastic composite that provides stiffness and impact resistance at a very light weight. Integrated with other materials, Tegris can provide additional. Tegris is a % Polypropylene composite material with high impact resistance while maintaining high stiffness. It is based on a coextruded.

Polypropylene-based Tegris takes aim at carbon fiber. The NASCAR Aero splitters made from the material are typically layers thick (1/2. Tegris is a thermoplastic composite material produced by an American company called Milliken. To obtain it, you'd have to go to them or one of their distributors. Tegris® thermoplastic composites provide impact resistance and stiffness at a Impact Resistance - Tegris composites Typical Tegris® Material Properties.

Tegris is seen to be a valuable material for various industries. It is currently being used as a vehicle protector by the U.S. military, while in the. Milliken's Tegris composite is riding the waves of success as the material behind one of the lightest, toughest personal watercraft available on. One example is a carbon fiber/Tegris/carbon fiber sandwich that has equal December 1, - Thermoplastic Composite Material Market. To address the need for affordable materials that are both lightweight and strong, Milliken & Company has produced a composite material branded “Tegris,”.