How to cut curves in wood


Mark, cut and fine-tune curves in wood, using routers, saws and other simple tools, by following these expert techniques. You can master them quickly and ea. My favorite part about working with wood is how I can cut it, sand it, and work it to look just like I want it to without much hassle. As long as I've got the right saw. Learn which woodworking tools are the best choices (after the band saw) for making curved inside and outside cuts in thick wood material.

Use the right blade (for softwood, hardwood or board product). If you are cutting a tight curve or detailed shape, use the Bosch TAO scroll. I need to make a half-dozen 8"-diameter wood discs. My router trammel and bandsaw circle-cutting jig each require a hole for a pivot point. How can I cut these. Expert tips for marking, cutting and fine-tuning curves.