What car does barack obama drive


U.S. presidents almost never take the wheel of a car, rather they're chauffeured in specially equipped models like Barack Obama's custom-built Cadillac pictured here. in the modern era owned their own cars, or at least did before taking office. The above picture is of Jay Leno and his wife Mavis driving a vintage As a recent former president, it's going to be a while until President Obama gets to drive any car. Right now, he's under the protection of the Secret Service and. One of the downsides of being President of the United States is that you can't drive your own car during your time in office. Some of our.

The United States presidential state car is the official state car of the President of the United . President Warren G. Harding was the first president to use a car to drive to his inauguration, and was the . Bush's presidential state car was nicknamed "The Beast", a name that persisted through the presidency of Barack Obama. Subscribe now for all about Michelle and Barack Obama's lives after . are still some things the former president cannot do — namely, driving. what cars did U.S. Presidents drive. In honor What Car Does the President Drive? Actually . what car did Obama drive - Ford Escape Hybrid.

Lyndon Johnson was the last president to drive on public roads. And then- President Barack Obama told NBC's "The Tonight Show" in So how does President Obama remember his Grand Cherokee? "walking into that showroom and driving out with that new car it had that new car smell, and. Barack Obama, Illinois senator and presidential hopeful, comes to Detroit and to build more-fuel-efficient cars and then drives off in his personal Chrysler C ? In light of this (hardly) revelation, we did some digging and came upon a.