What is ion product constant for water


This page explains what is meant by the ionic product for water. It looks Kw is essentially just an equilibrium constant for the reactions shown. Define the ion-product constant of water. Define acidic solution. Define basic solution. Use the constant to calculate [H+] or [OH−] when the other is known. Applying law of mass action at equilibrium, the value of dissociation constant, K comes to. K = [H+] The constant, Kw, is termed as ionic product of water.

An ion product constant is basically the same thing as an The most popular one you'll see is the Ion Product Constant of Water, which is. The ion Product Constant of Water. Thermodynamics of water ionization and. From a knowledge of K, and its temperature co- efficient one can calculate the. The self-ionization of water is an ionization reaction in pure water or in an The ions are produced by the self-ionization reaction dissociation constant, self- ionization constant, or ionic product of water.

When an acid or a base is added to water, the ionic concentration product, [H+][ OH-], remains constant, i.e., equal to Kw but concentrations of H+ and OH- ions. The concentration of liquid water, [H2O(l)], is essentially constant at any given temperature, and is incorporated into the equilibrium constant.