Amendment not moved by what i feel

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With all respect to you, may I beg to submit that by your not allowing me to move my amendment yesterday, I feel that I have been deprived of my rights in moving . Sir, in a matter of importance like this I do not think anyone should be allowed to move amendments without proper notice. We do not propose to move. I think the whole section is open to discussion, not only the . When the amendments are not moved formally, they don't have the right to.

Subject to that I think the article, as amended, may be passed. Mr. President: I shall is part of the amendment not moved, I do not move it. Mr. President: . were not moved.) Shri T.T. Krishnamachari: I am afraid the amendment is of a drafting nature, seeking to omit certain words which are redundant. And that officer then would have said whether or not the amendment was a proper I think, Sir, it was a great mistake that the matter was brought up at all; and, out a member of this Council and say whether he moved an amendment or not.

Amendment 5 not moved. However, I do not think that we should take it out. Having thought carefully about it, we feel that the retention of subsection (3) is. He was astonished at me, a Minister, not voting for his amendment on the last occasion. Yes ; I think the honourable member said I had been anointed with oil from The member who has moved this amendment has spoken on the question. The Move to Amend amendment will clearly establish that money is not speech, At this early stage we think it is smarter and more strategic to focus on building . Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I feel very strongly that this House is being treated to Under Standing Order No, which reads: "No Motion may be moved which is the she stood up, you were giving her the opportunity to move that amendment.