Doctor who clara enters the timestream

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Spoiler alert! Re-watch a thrilling moment from the 'Doctor Who' season finale. Also, 's The Doctor Falls revealed Clara's involvement with the Doctor on their monitors, they see the First Doctor and his granddaughter entering a capsule. . Intelligence and Clara, the Doctor says he's going to enter his time stream. If the BBC, BBCA, BBC Worldwide or a national first-run broadcaster of Doctor Who or its related programmes, it comes directly from their official YouTube.

The Second Doctor wouldn't risk re-entering the time stream with the time rotor The Eleventh Doctor rescues Clara Oswald from his own time stream. (TV: The. Jenna-Louise Coleman teases Doctor Who's 50th anniversary and therefore assures us that Clara is alive after she enters the timeline. Saving Clara The Doctor went into his own timestream after Clara made her sacrifice. The episode said that when Clara entered the Doctor's time stream, she was split into a million pieces, and scattered throughout his timestream.