How to make a pc case modding

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Article by Craig Ferrie, Moraytech Mods. Building a PC is easier than ever. Even if you're a complete newcomer, you can follow a guide like. Computer Case Mods: There's no two ways about it, most computer cases are boring. The projects in this guide are all awesome things that you can do to your . Do you want to learn how to do your own case modding. Our resident water cooling enthusiast Nick Blackwell of DirtySouth PC takes us on a journey into.

PC case modding: a beginner's guide First, we'll teach you how to strip your PC chassis and give it a semi-professional internal paintjob, and. Best PC Case Modding website for Easy DIY Dremel Rotary Tool for PC Case Modding and the varible-speed Multi-Pro. Black & Decker Rotary Tool will do " . A home-built PC is sort of like a project car. Once you've put every carefully- selected piece together, you get a huge sense of accomplishment.

That's not quite true when it comes to case modding. "I like to build my computers like the Russians built their spacecraft: Trial and error.