How to style newly installed sisterlocks products

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Don't use any non-Sisterlocks products or heat-styling tools on your hair, .. one to two inches of new natural hair growth to have SL's installed. This post is in response to a question I received from a reader with newly installed Sisterlocks. She wanted to know if she could start roller. Sisterlocks can take up to 16 hours to install. locks because traditional locks rely on gel and other product(s) to create the perfect round lock.

The first sixty days of your Sisterlocks are the most critical. Don't use greasy or other "dreadlock" aiding products on your Sisterlocks. Washing just prior to retightenings will also reduce the time it takes to complete This will help to hold you style, maintain moisture in your locs, and keep lint and other. Some people wear hats or wigs for the first several months and even heard them refer to this . I just had my sisterlocks installed yesterday. Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio - Sisterlocks Install by Tanyika G. Tanyika Gates . Sisterlocks, Beautiful Braids, Hair Day, New Hair, Girls Natural Hairstyles, Girl Hairstyles, Silver Hair, Curly Braids, Hair Products. Adele Joseph · Locs.

50 natural hairstyles gurus give the best 3 natural hair products for black hair. . New installation of sisterlocks by Kia Lewis Girls Natural Hairstyles, Loc. A recap and pictures of my newly installed Sisterlocks. I will explain more in future videos but for now, take a look at the finished product. Sisterlocks hairstyles are the micro braids of locs. Also, Sisterlocks do not require hair products, such as gels, grease, or shea butter for installation. Just like any other way you wear your hair, you must take care of these locs and see a .