Hung over stuntmen who died

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The stuntman who suffered critical head injuries filming The Hangover: Part Two has launched legal action against the film's studio, Warner. A stuntman almost killed filming a car chase scene for The Hangover: Part Two has appeared on television for the first time - after making a. After John Bernecker passed away Thursday night, TheWrap took a look back at other stuntmen who died on set. Kun Liu died in in an explosion on the set of "The Expendables 2" while filming in Bulgaria. Paolo Rigoni died in while filming one of the James Bond movies, "For.

stuntman Scott McLean, who was almost killed during a high-speed In the week of the release of the hit trilogy's finale, The Hangover III. This is intended to be a list of notable accidents that occurred during the shooting of films and While hanging from a water tower, Buster Keaton pulled a rope that released water from the tower, knocking him to the ground. .. A stuntman was mauled to death on camera when a shark, which was supposed to have been. Aussie stuntman still battles with Hangover II injury. Australian A stuntman involved in a planned explosion died on the Bulgarian set of The.

The film industry's death-defying stunts often have us leaving the cinema in Aussie Hangover: Part II stuntman Scott McLean was horrifically. A stuntman was injured in a head-on car crash during a stunt on the set of The Hangover Part II in Bangkok. He was in a Conway Wickliffe, a cameraman for The Dark Knight, died during a test run for an action scene. Kazakh stuntman Kassym Zhumaguzhin had taken part in the filming of 25 movies, including "The Expendables-2" starring Sylvester Stallone.